Documentary Short

Hella Strong

Dir: Cathleen Arnerich
, US, Documentary Short, 8 mins

Blow Pony, a monthly dance party and show space run by DJ and activist Airick Heater, brings together Portland Oregon’s sometimes splintered queer scene, combating oppression and negativity from outside as well as within the LGBT community through music, mayhem, and dance.

Hella Strong

It Was A Tuesday

Dir: Jennifer Casriel, US, Documentary Short, 19 mins

A group of New York City high school kids discuss their memories of 9/11, an event they witnessed as 6 years olds.


It was a Tuesday

Spirit of the Bluebird

Dir: Xstine Cook
, Jesse Gouchey, Canada, Documentary Short, 6 mins

Cree artist Jesse Gouchey uses spray paint on a fence to animate a beautiful tribute to murder victim Gloria Black Plume.

Spirit of the Bluebird

Living with Tommy

Dir: Aubrey Carp
, US, Documentary, 12 mins

Winner, Best Short Film

Living With Tommy

Susan’s Horses

Dir: Elizabeth Henry
, US, 6 mins

Shot in Super 8 Kodachrome, ‘Susan’s Horses’ explores a humble Colorado horse camp for kids, run by a woman whose troubled past helps to inform her unique relationship to her animals.

Two In A Million: A Lasting Legacy

Dir: Cici Brown, US, Documentary Shor, 29 mins

At the peak of their talent, two extraordinary musicians are cut down by a terrifying brain disorder leaving stunned students and fans to question the meaning of coincidence and legacy.


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