Animated Short

Ad & Subtract

Dir: Laura Stephens, US, Animated Short

The world of a junior accountant explodes in hundreds of resumes after he learns that his boss put an ad in the paper to replace his job.

Mr. Atse in Pursuit of an Ascending Career

Dir: Mira Chendler, Netherlands, Animated Short, 6 mins


Dir: Marissa Sher, US, Animated Short

Don Justino Neve

Dir: Daisy Jacobs
, US, Animated Short

He’s filthy and gorgeous, cruel and mean, and irresistible to women with low self-esteem.

Being Bradford Dillman

Dir: Emma Burch
, UK, Animated Short, 10 mins

When bullied Molly Flowers declares her dislike of boys, her boozy and self medicated mother invents a story to shock her into a more sympathetic view.

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