Screenplay Competition

Judith Singer and will offer script consultations services to screenplay contest grand prizes winners

Judith SingerJudith Singer is a script consultant and founder of, providing a full range of editorial and development services to screenwriters within the industry and to those who are looking to become part of it. Judith has a background in publishing and sales. She was previously Vice-President of BFB Entertainment, where she managed screenwriter Neal Marshall Stevens and worked with him developing and pitching his scripts. She arranged for options of his screenplays, the first, SLOW MAN, to Ocean Pictures, at Universal (later bought for low six figures) and the sale of a second, DEADER, to Dimension Pictures, (which was ultimately produced as HELLRAISER: DEADER) for a mid-six figure sum.

Judith Singer and SingerSezScripts is happy to offer the grand prize winners of the feature length and short screenplay competitions a free script consultation, which includes a story development consultation and a line edit.

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