2014 Official Selections

Some films may contain adult content; viewer discretion is advised.

The Best Friend

US, 12 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Melissa Sadoff Oren, Written by Ben Oren US.

New York Premiere

“Ellen has been the loyal BFF to All-American girl Kate since forever. But after Ellen’s very existence is called into question following a lonely Chinese meal gone bad, she needs to decide whether to take the advice she always enthusiastically gives Kate: “Go for it!”



Canada, 4 mins, Animated Short
Written & Directed by Ocean Demuth, Directed by Medina Dennie, Zalyah Dennie

New York Premiere

Two turtles embark on a quest for friendship.


Woo Woo

US, 15 mins
Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Nicki Manchisi

New York City Premiere

Young Louise is both fearful and curious of an eccentric WWI veteran who wanders the streets of her neighborhood.


The Magic Bracelet

US, 18 mins, Narrative Short
Dir: Jon Poll, Written by: Rina Goldberg, Adapted by Diablo Cody. Produced by Make A Film Foundation.
“The Magic Bracelet” mysteriously links best friends Angela, Ashley and a cheese obsessed dog. When Ashley inherits a totem bracelet from a friend who died of Mitochondrial Disease – the same illness she herself battles – it leads the girls on a mystical journey of discovery in which a new level of friendship, family and healing is revealed. **This project was created by Make A Film Foundation to fulfill the wish of 15 year old Rina Goldberg whose final words to her mom before she died of Mitochondrial disease were “Promise to take care of my film.”


Give A Little

US, 10 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Laura Meoli

A young woman struggles to find the meaning of Christmas. Her first holiday without her mother- as she is pulled between her lonely dad and intense work deadlines.

God, I Hope I Get It

US, 12 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Leonora Pitts, Written by Bryan Safi

The relationship between a gay guy and his loyal hag is fraught with love, co-dependence, and ‘BITCH WHAT DID YOU SAY?’ When Parvesh’s (Parvesh Cheena) hag Isabella decides to get married, the two of them must audition a series of paltry substitutes to replace her. Will these new girls survive the inquisition? The abuse? The dancing?

No Method

US, 19 mins, Narrative Short
Directed by Caitlin Graham, Sam Zuniss, Written by Caitlin Graham
In the pilot episode of this web series, we meet Caitlin, a cynical Brooklyn actor who’s been paid in pizza for every job she’s ever done. On the opening night of her latest play, disaster strikes with hilarious results.


Jackie Doesn’t Want to Get Married

US, 13 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Ashley-Michel Hoban

New York Premiere

Jackie wakes up on the morning of her wedding with cold feet, and must decide whether to keep going through the motions of her life, or to flee for a more exciting adventure!


Someone Better

US, 12 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Becky Feldman

World Premiere

After being a shut in for nearly a year, Chelsea takes a new job at SomeoneBetter.com, a dating website for people already in relationships. Chelsea tries to not let her OCD interfere with her first day at work, but some of the personalities in the office make this harder than she expected.


The Audience

US, 80 mins, Narrative Feature
Written & Directed by Rory Gory

In post-industrial Nowhere, USA, G quietly leads two lives. By day, he is a taciturn cashier at a nondescript retail chain called Safe Market. At night, he becomes a star named Grace on a surreal talk show, giving interviews to a doll-like host and an adoring audience.

Screens With:

Life with Asperger’s

US, 4 mins, Documentary Short
Written & Directed by Jaime Ekkens, Written by Emmett Goodman

An animated documentary that explores the challengers of growing up and living with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Little Girls

US, 10 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by May Santiago

World Premiere

A teenage girl must save her friend all while having to confront issues of her own.


Married in NY

US, 5 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Angelica Blotkevich

World Premiere

Alice struggles because of her husband’s abusive behavior, but keeps
hoping that he will change.


Arranged with Love

US, 30 mins, Documentary Short
Written & Directed by Richa Agrawal, Written by Ginger Murray

Intrigued by the wisdom of arranged marriages and their low divorce rate, a young woman journeys through and finds her own answers to “How do they make it work”?


Taking it for Granted

US, 23 minutes, Narrative Short
Directed by Jill Salvino, Written by Pete Dorogoff

Two couples, one gay/one straight, fight for what they believe in; what they think they want, and what they might be able to give to each other.


In the Woods / En el Bosque

Mexico, 14 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Alejandra Ibarrola Medina

While waiting for her mother to give birth, Victoria is forced to live at her grandmother’s house and obey her strict rules. After her sister becomes emotionally distant, Victoria encounters a fantastic story that just might save her.



US, 16 mins, Narrative Short
Directed by Rosalyn Coleman, Written by Biana Jamotte, Cherelle Cargill Chery, Leanne Barrineau, Based on the one act play “Remember Me” by Alex De Witt

New York Premiere

Allison struggles daily to feel normal after going through treatment for her breast cancer, and realizes that in order to cope, she will need to find courage and that takes imagination.

The Hero Pose

US, 12 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Mischa Jakupcak

Mia is eight years old and wants to do anything but hang out at her dad’s house, trying to sell a car that doesn’t run.


An Alien Fairytale

US, 13 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Lisa Jay

In Roswell, New Mexico, Loretta is granted her every wish by Aliens who contact her through a box of cereal.



US, 9 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Marta McGonagle

New York Premiere

After a mother drinks with her teenage daughter and friends, she is forced to face the consequences of her alcoholism. Based on a true story.


A Cool Dark Place

US, 15 mins, Narrative Short
Directed by Tiffany Frances, Written by Stephanie Domini

A former showgirl struggles in a tumultuous marriage to her nightclub owner husband when mob ties and a past love change her life indefinitely.


The Last Light

US, 14 mins, Narrative Short
Directed by Jennifer Cummins, Written by Persephone Vandegrift

New York Premiere

A young girl’s life is taken and the suspect is arrested, but the void left behind envelopes the already-struggling Kingston family.


Absolute Threshold

US, 23 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Erica Rose

Set in 1993 New York, Charlotte who craves the intimate connection missing from her husband finds herself overpowered by a precarious desire.



US, 82 mins, Narrative Feature
Written & Directed by Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein, Written by Jade Sylvan, Sarah Zaranek

World Premiere

What do an actress, a religious zealot, a renegade, a coed, a model, a singer, a medium, a real-estate investor, a historian, and a doctor have in common? None of them is who they seem. Yet, the fate of the entire world may rest in their hands.


Screens with:

Most Likely to Kill

US, 14 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Mindy Bledsoe

Two outcast women find the perfect opportunity to repay high school torment.


The Lady of the Wheel

Australia, 14 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Pheona Donohoe

World Premiere

A troubled young woman is confronted by the realities of motherhood following a distressing homebirth.

Pedro Pan

US, 15 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Andrea Puente

Sent to Miami in 1962 to escape the Castro regime, young Elena and little brother Manuel are determined to stick together, no matter the odds.


Kid in the Closet

Australia, 16 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Melodie Shen

North American Premiere

First being jealous and nasty, Lily learns to become a caring sister to her illegal little brother under the One Child Policy.

Six Letter Word

US, 17 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Lisanne Sartor

An unlikely mom (Rumer Willis) is forced to confront her son’s autism after an unexpected encounter with one of her johns.

Honor Diaries

US, 63 mins, Documentary Feature
Directed by Micah Smith, Written by Paula Kweskin

Honor Diaries profiles nine courageous women’s rights advocates with roots in Muslim-majority societies. They have witnessed firsthand the hardships women endure, and are profiled in their efforts to affect change, both in their communities and beyond.


Screens With:


Iran, 3 mins, Animated Short
Written & Directed by Elham Sepehrjou

Far from people’s eyes, a bunch of shoes are living together like a family. Whenever a problem occurs to any of them, They all become worried and try to help those shoes stuck in a predicament, … , but sometimes they may be too worried!


Hijabi Girls

UK, 5 mins, Documentary Short
Written & Directed by Nada Al-Hudaid

North American Premiere

An intimate portrait of an emerging UK Muslim fashion designer, Barjis Chohan, who is not only challenging the concept of modesty and Islamic fashion with her designs but also western mainstream’s market need for conservative clothing.


Small Delights

US, 14 mins, Narrative Short
Written & Directed by Hena Ashraf

Set in NYC, South Asian Muslim Teenager, Aziza, is trying to figure herself out. Through listening to and making music, she attempts to find out where she fits in.


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