2013 Animated or Experimental


Dir: Kaukab Basheer, US, 6 mins

A young Tibetan Buddhist monk-in-training, has a passion for gardening and caring for plants in his monastery. One stormy night, he rescues an exquisite flower by bringing it indoors.

Have a Cup of Tea

Dir: Alicia Maye
, US, 6 mins

Weary of the outside world, a young woman seeks quiet and consolation. Upon closing her eyes, she finds that she is not alone. Sometimes your only friend is within.

Have a Cup of Tea

Meaning of Feminism

Dir & Script: Mara Harris & Anais Lull as part of the Reel Grrls Media Arts Program, Seattle, WA, US, 2 mins

A video blog about what feminism means to two young women.

Ordinary Life of an Unwilling All-American Exotic

Dir & Script: Aurora Betson
, US, 7 mins

Why is placing a label on someone important?

Unwilling Exotic

Turbulent Abstract

Dir & Script: Marissa Sher, US, 3 mins

World Premiere

A visual experiment inspired by the defense mechanisms of caterpillars.

Turbulant Abstract

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