2012 Official Selections

The Power of Three

Dir: Yvonne Deutschman , UK, Narrative Feature

Your never too old and it’s never too late to live your dreams. All you need is the Power of Three.

Website: www.powerofthreefilm.com

The Power of Three

The People You Know

Dir: Elizabeth Spear
, US, Narrative Feature

World Premiere

What you don’t know about the people closest to you can’t hurt you – until the drinking games begin. One weekend with old friends might change things forever.

The People You Know

The Big Bad

Dir: Bryan Enk, Script: Jessi Gotta
, US, Narrative Feature, 78 mins

A broken woman obsessed with revenge, desperately searches through a surreal and frightening world for the monster who destroyed her family.

The Big Bad


Dir: Maren Grainger-Monsen, Nicole Newnham, US, Documentary Feature, 56 mins

Winner: Best Feature Film

RARE follows an extraordinary mother in a race against time, as she unites a group of isolated people from around the world in a quest to cure her daughter’s rare genetic disease.


First Bite

Dir: Louise Marie Cooke, UK, Narrative Short

Young Eve meets Jake, and the world begins to open up around her.

First Bite

Passengers of 7D

Dir: Sharifa Williams
, US, Narrative Short, 19 mins

A recently divorced man encounters a formidable woman when dimensional levels fluctuate inside his apartment.

Passengers of 7D

Tick Tock Time Emporium

Dir: Morgan Faust
, US

Max’s mom never has enough time. In a strange pawnshop on the edge town, Max finds a man who buys and sells time of all varieties, but getting Enough Time will cost her more than she anticipated.

Tick Tock Time Emporium

Here Is What I Like: Fashion, Flowers and Now I’ll Tell You Why

Dir: Abigail Zealey Bess, US, Narrative Short, 7 mins

Helen Pellet, talk show host, will show you how to use mother nature to help you with your fashion choices.

Here Is What I Like: Fashion, Flowers and Now I’ll Tell You Why

The Reward

Dir: Lucy Patrick Ward
, UK Narrative Short

Two alienated New Yorkers unite over the disappearance of Mr. Puggles, a dog.

The Reward

Sybling Rivalry

Dir: Tara-Nicole Azarian, US, Narrative Short, 6 mins

Sybling Rivalry


Dir: Rebecca Rojer
, US, Narrative Short, 22 mins

An antiwar activist finds fame after she is outed as the one-time star of an internet porn video.


No Offense

Dir: Danielle Sepulveres
, US, Narrative Short

Ryan is skeptical of Brandon’s career choice as an actor, but a day together in Ryan’s office shows some surprising and striking parallels between the corporate world and the entertainment world.

Gypsy Moon

Dir: Cheri Robartes
, US, Narrative Short, 20 mins

Twin girls stunned by the death of their mother, discover a mysterious gypsy living in the woods who forever changes their lives.

Kwik Fix

Dir: Kelly Hucker
, Australia, Narrative Short, 11 mins

A passionately deluded manager attempts to inspire the idiosyncratic staff of a fast food restaurant.

Kwik Fix


Dir: Delphine Le Courtois, France, Narrative Short

Spending the summer alone with her grandmother, Nolwen sees herself differently.


Speed Dating

Dir: Mary Niederkorn
, US, Narrative Short, 4 mins

A neurotic woman unexpectedly encounters the man of her dreams in a chance meeting on the street.


Dir: Dena Greenbaum
, US, Narrative Short, 18 mins

Shay struggles to find a balance between her ordinary life as a timid, young schoolteacher and her alter ego as a confident, intimidating rap diva.

Color of Beauty

Dir: Shamara Cox
, US, Narrative Short

A young woman who despises her dark complexion tries any and everything to dispose of it.

Color of Beauty

Bike Love

Dir: Martine Charnow
, US, Narrative Short, 11 mins

After forgetting to lock up her boyfriend’s bike, Sara tries to get it back from a creepy neighborhood bike thief.

Ad & Subtract

Dir: Laura Stephens, US, Animated Short

The world of a junior accountant explodes in hundreds of resumes after he learns that his boss put an ad in the paper to replace his job.

Mr. Atse in Pursuit of an Ascending Career

Dir: Mira Chendler, Netherlands, Animated Short, 6 mins


Dir: Marissa Sher, US, Animated Short

Don Justino Neve

Dir: Daisy Jacobs
, US, Animated Short

He’s filthy and gorgeous, cruel and mean, and irresistible to women with low self-esteem.

Being Bradford Dillman

Dir: Emma Burch
, UK, Animated Short, 10 mins

When bullied Molly Flowers declares her dislike of boys, her boozy and self medicated mother invents a story to shock her into a more sympathetic view.

Hella Strong

Dir: Cathleen Arnerich
, US, Documentary Short, 8 mins

Blow Pony, a monthly dance party and show space run by DJ and activist Airick Heater, brings together Portland Oregon’s sometimes splintered queer scene, combating oppression and negativity from outside as well as within the LGBT community through music, mayhem, and dance.

Hella Strong

It Was A Tuesday

Dir: Jennifer Casriel, US, Documentary Short, 19 mins

A group of New York City high school kids discuss their memories of 9/11, an event they witnessed as 6 years olds.

Website: http://itwasatuesdayfilm.wordpress.com

It was a Tuesday

Spirit of the Bluebird

Dir: Xstine Cook
, Jesse Gouchey, Canada, Documentary Short, 6 mins

Cree artist Jesse Gouchey uses spray paint on a fence to animate a beautiful tribute to murder victim Gloria Black Plume.

Spirit of the Bluebird

Living with Tommy

Dir: Aubrey Carp
, US, Documentary, 12 mins

Winner, Best Short Film

Living With Tommy

Susan’s Horses

Dir: Elizabeth Henry
, US, 6 mins

Shot in Super 8 Kodachrome, ‘Susan’s Horses’ explores a humble Colorado horse camp for kids, run by a woman whose troubled past helps to inform her unique relationship to her animals.

Two In A Million: A Lasting Legacy

Dir: Cici Brown, US, Documentary Shor, 29 mins

At the peak of their talent, two extraordinary musicians are cut down by a terrifying brain disorder leaving stunned students and fans to question the meaning of coincidence and legacy.

Website: http://www.twoinamillion-movie.com

Little Red Bill

Dir: Sally Cinnamon
, Canada, Experimental Short

Shot on Super 8, a precious $50 bill is lost almost as soon as it was earned.

Little Red Bill

Salt Water Jackie

Dir: Ruthie Levy
, US, Music Video, 6 mins

Watch what happens when a tightly wound ballet troupe is forced to share their rehearsal space with a group of bad boys, fighting to bring back the lost art of rock and roll.

Salt Water Jackie

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